Molecules to the MAX! trailer transcript

[View of the earth from space. As a descent towards the planet begins we hear a narrators voice ]

Narrator: In a world where everything is made of atoms

[The Molecularium ship is seen burning through the atmosphere and then flying into clouds]

Narrator: only some will ride the Molecularium.

Nitro:Molecule what?

Hydro: Molecularium

[ View of Oxy, Hydra, and Hydro, all atom characters, riding in the ship through clouds]

Narrator: The most fantastic ship in the Universe.

Hydro: Next stop, Nano. [ pulls a lever] [Ship zooms into the nanoscale and flys through a moving polymer]

Narrator: Catch a ride to NanoSpace with Oxy and her crew to boldly go where only atoms have gone before in Molecules to the MAX!

Carbón: Hold on to your electrons!

[Ship flies through a nanotube]

Narrator: Behold the awesomeness of matter. Solids. [zooms into a penny to see the atomic structure]

Liquids. [ Cut to water molecules entering the molecular structure of chewing gum.]

Gases. [Cut to a ballon exploding and then the atoms rushing out of it at the nanoscale] [Cut to a thermometer shaped character standing in an ice crystal at nanoscale that starts to melt]

Thermonator: Melting has begun. [the water molecules begin to move] [Cut to snowflakes flying through clouds]

Narrator: Fly through a snowflake at nanoscale. [cut to ice crystal at nanoscale]

Blast through the far reaches of space [Cut to ship flying around Saturn]

and explore the molecular machinery of life. [Cut to the ship flying between two cell]

Carbón: Oh, I love life.

[Cut to interior of ship with atoms looking out at DNA. Ending with Oxy and Carbón bonding]

Narrator: Experience enormous atoms in the gigantic screen adventure, Molecules to the MAX!